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Conductive Water-Based Epoxy Finish

Available in Medium Gray, Light Gray, Beige, and Green

Product #26


This static dissipative, water based epoxy/acrylate provides outstanding durability and abrasion resistance while eliminating electrostatic charges which can damage sensitive electronic components or equipment. Stat-Crete also displays superb resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and solvents commonly found in industrial and commercial environments. When cured, Stat-Crete exhibits characteristics superior to solvent based urethanes and rivals those of solvent based epoxy coatings. Stat-Crete produces superior results when used on a broad range of concrete, ceramic and even vinyl composition tile surfaces. Available in Medium Gray, Light Gray, Beige, and Emerald Green colors.


New concrete floors should be allowed to cure a minimum of thirty days. Application to floors colder than 600 F is not recommended. Floor surfaces must be free of any release agents, curing compounds, salts or efflorescence before coating. Sweep and then wash floors with Brut, Grease Strip or Citru-Gest to remove oil, grease, and soil. Follow by etching surface with Prepare, then thoroughly rinse with clean water. If floor has been previously coated, a small area should be cleaned, roughed up by screen disking with an 80 Grit screen, and then sealer applied to test for adhesion, lifting, etc. Any areas of the existing coating which display poor adhesion should be removed. Wash the stripped areas, acid etch, and rinse thoroughly. Allow the floor to dry.

Catalyzed Stat-Crete should be used within six hours of mixing, therefore, prepare only the quantity necessary for immediate use. Add premeasured catalyst to epoxy base. Stir gently until the catalyst has been thoroughly mixed in. Allow catalyzed Stat-Crete to stand for 5 minutes.

Apply catalyzed Stat-Crete with a short nap roller in thin, uniform coats. The initial coat will cover approximately 400-500 ft2 per gallon. Allow the initial coat to dry for 5-7 hours, then apply a second coat. Second coat coverage is approximately 500-600 ft2 per gallon.

NOTE: This product is not recommended for applications that experience reoccurring standing water. Finished floors may be opened to light traffic, under normal curing conditions, after 12 hours. Complete curing with maximum durability and chemical resistance will take 5- 7 days.


Gloss Satin/Matte Finish
Colors Medium Gray, Light Gray, Beige, and Green
Solids 35 + 1%
Resistivity-ASTM D257 <106 Ohms2 Max/Cm2 @ 40% Relative Humidity
Static Dissipation 0.02 Second
pH 4 - 5
Weight Per Gallon 9.1
Hardness 30 (Sward)
Viscosity 400-600 CPS
Solvents Alcohol,Water-glycol ether
Flash Point > 212°F
Freeze/Thaw Stability Do Not Freeze
Dry Time Dry to touch 5-7 hours, Open for traffic 10-12 hours
Alcohol 1 hour-No effect
Gasoline 8 hours -No effect
Caustic 5% 2 hours-No effect
Soap Resistance 8 hours -No effect
Slip Resistance (ASTM F 609) >.5 SCOF
Coverage 450 - 600 ft2 per gallon
Film thickness @ 450 ft2 per gallon Approx. 3 mil/wet, 1.1 mil dry
Odor Moderate (Glycol Ether, Acetone)
VOC <350 grams/liter


Health 1
Flammability 0
Reactivity 0
Personal Protection B

WARNING: Harmful if Swallowed. Contains 2-Butoxyethanol CAS# 111-76-2, Acetone CAS# 67-64-1, Glycol Ether EP CAS# 2807- 30-9. Provide adequate ventilation. Prolonged exposure may cause dizziness. If dizziness occurs, seek fresh air. Use respiration equipment if needed. If ingested, induce vomiting with oil of ipecac. For contact with skin or eyes, flush with plenty of water. Consult with a physician. For complete information, consult MSDS sheet.


Film Thickness Approximately 3 Mil per coat wet, 1.1 Mil dry.
Static Dissipation/Conductivity Medium and Light Gray >1.4E04 <1.0E06 RTG
Beige <1.0E09 RTG average (<1.0E06 typical)
on concrete substate @ 40% rH
Meets ESD S20.20-2007, 91.7 @ <3.5E07.
Static Generation ESD STM 97.2 <25 V on concrete substrate
Static Decay <0.1 seconds per FTMS 101B, Method 4046
Compressive Strength (Over 3 Mil Vinyl Tile) Static Load DIN 16961.2 > 2500 psi
Hardness (Sward) 30
Indentation Impact Resistance (ASTM F1914) DIN EN 433 Average <5%,
maximum single reading 8%
Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D1044) ASTM D1044 SC-10-F Wheel, 550 Gm Weight
Cycle 10,000, % gauge loss 1.6