11 ZERO CHARGE™ Brand ESD Products and Accessories
Zero Charge
Brand ESD Products and Accessories


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Zero Charge™ ZERO CHARGE™ Brand ESD Products and Accessories


This is not a "Black Magic". Simple, easily applied, and effective methods, materials and instrumentation will save you big and hidden expenses incurred to pay for production rejects and unexpected, post shipment guarantee repairs caused by Electrostatic Discharge. Professional and Effective advice, along with the supply of all what you need to prevent unnecessary ESD damage is at your fingertips.

Personal Grounding

Personal Grounding
  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • Heel and toe grounders
  • Field service kits and computer mats
  • Specialty wrist straps

ESD Matting & Flooring

ESD Matting & Flooring
  • Worksurface Mats
  • Floor Mats
  • Maintenance Mats
  • Adhesive Entrance mats
  • Grounding Hardware

ESD Tester & Measurement

ESD Tester & Measurement
  • Wrist and Footwear Tester
  • Wall mounted wrist strap and footwear test station
  • Constant Monitor
  • Precision Electrostatic Locator Meter
  • Universal Resistance Checker
  • Pocket Resistivity Meter

ESD Clothing and Shoes

  • Protective MICROSTAT Lab Coats and Jackets
  • Quality ESD Shoes
  • ESD Gloves
  • ESD Socks
  • Disposable shoe covers

ESD Chairs and Seat covers

ESD Chairs and Seat covers  ESD Chairs and Seat covers
  • ACH-1 ESD Vinyl chair with pneumatic height adjustment
  • ACH-2 ESD woven chair with pneumatic height adjustment
  • ACH-3 ESD De-Lux Chair , black with pneumatic Back Rest adjustment, casting base and metal wheels
  • ACH-4 ESD Molded Chair3
  • ACH-5 ESD Hi-Tech Molded Chair
  • Antistatic Chair Covers (for use with no ESD chairs)


Shielding & Storage
  • Static Shielding Bags - AX Series
  • Static Shielding Bags - AM Series
  • Conductive Grid Bags - AC Series
  • Static Dissipative Poly Bags
  • Labels
  • Tapes

ESD Static

  • ESD Safe Products for Static Control, Cleanroom and Sanitary Maintenance Industries

ESD Tools

  • ESD Pliers and Cutters
  • Vacuum Manual Pick-Up Tool
  • ESD Tweezers with quick-change Dissipative Tips
  • Antistatic Desoldering Pump
  • Static Eliminator Blower
  • ESD Brushes
  • Extractors, etc.

Storage & Handling

Transport & Packaging Antistatic PCB and Transport Racks, Antistatic Transport Dolly and Components Storage Systems

ESD Vacuum Cleaners

ESD Vacuum Cleaners Whether your needs are large or small, we have the ESD Vacuum for your application. Testing has proven that ESD Vacuums have a conductive path-to-ground, which whisks away dangerous static electricity that can cause damage to sensitive electronic parts. All vacuums have available HEPA filtration for 99.97% efficiency at .3-micron.